The Lord Shows Up Always :)

So often I think of Gideon, because I am so like him. Scared of my own shadow, but I show up 🙂

Often God puts something on our heart to do, but we ignore Him. We’re afraid, busy, concerned it won’t work out well…

But the truth is, as Jim at 90.5 FM Christians Radio says, when we go to serve the Lord, the Lord always shows up! And that is all we have to do as well 🙂

Thank You Jesus!

Can you imagine if Jesus had not been born? Jesus is our way to the Father. Our doorway to Heaven. Our best friend and our bridge to all that is good. And He loves us, Blessed are we!

May you, each one of you, have a Happy and Holy Christmas my Friends until we meet in Heaven one day 🙂

Thanking Mary & Joseph

As we approach Christmas, I can’t help but think of how much pain Mary and Joseph so willingly suffered for Jesus during His life time.  I can’t even imagine watching my son suffer so!  We love our children so much!  I am not saying that it makes me a great person, but if I am honest, I don’t know if I could be as strong, courageous and selfless as they were…  When one of my children is sick, I worry about them constantly.  If one of them were crucified before my eyes,I just don’t think I could do it!  But Mary did, she stayed strong for Jesus because she loved Him and our Father so much.  And Joseph did so much for Jesus!  How wise was our Father when He chose them! 

Because they loved our Lord Jesus, and our Father, they believed in their Promises 🙂

And  because of their willingness to suffer any measure in order to see our Father’s plan for Redemption come true, it did!  How Blessed are we 😊