Praying for God’s Will To Be Done!

Often, when we pray, we pray for those things we think we need. A job, a loved one, health…Whatever we are worrying about at the time. And there is nothing wrong with that 😊.

But I wonder what would happen if we prayed that God’s Will be done in our lives? God loves us and wants us to be happy. He provides good things for us, because He loves us. But one of the differences between God and us is that our Father can see today AND tomorrow. We can only see today. So what we think will make us happy today, what we think we need today, may not be what we need tomorrow! So by praying that God’s Will be done in our lives; we are trusting that because God knows what will happen tomorrow, and because God loves us, His Will for us will be the better choice. Always.

In God We Trust, Amen 😊

Happy Mother’s Day Mary

With the coming of Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think of Mary.  How she stood at the foot of the cross, which is probably more than I could bear.  But knowing and loving my children and knowing how they love me-I have to imagine it gave Jesus great comfort.

I could not bear to watch my son suffer so, but she did!  For Him, for us.
And each and every day, I am so grateful both for her example and prayers.  I will never be the mother she was, not even by half.  But I will always be grateful to her.  Always. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mary.  Thank you!