Thank You Jesus!

“If you choose gratitude, will your world be different? Oh, the hissing we hear. Don’t you want more? More horsepower. More gigabytes. More legroom. More testosterone. The white whale of want swims in our waters. But God has given Ahab a harpoon: gratitude.”-Max Lucado calendar

Thank You Jesus!

Thank you Jesus!

Thought you might enjoy this :). 

A friend of mine, Robyn put up a Thank You Jesus sign going to the bridge a while ago.  Her neighbor across the street put one up too which means that everyone (think thousands) who drives over the bridge to sees it :).  There is power in the name of Jesus! What an inspiration πŸ™‚

There are also Thank You Jesus signs in many other places.  The Thank You Jesus sign movement  was started by  And can be purchased on this website for $8 πŸ™‚

As Max Lucado says, β€œMore than a hundred times, either by imperative or example, the Bible commands us to be thankful.Β  If quantity implies gravity, God takes thanksgiving seriously.” Thank Him Today 😊