In Times of Anxiety or Depression-Look Up!

We live in difficult times. Very difficult. Millions have been infected with Covid-19, leading to great fear for many. Millions more are unemployed, and with unemployment about to run out for many, a lot of families are afraid. And if that wasn’t enough, protests and riots seem to fill the news. Safety seems a thing of the past-where do we turn?

Look Up! It’s a physical fact that one can not look up and look down at the same time! So focus on God, and on where we are going (Heaven). There’s an old saying “God will NOT lead you where His Grace can not sustain you”.

Hold on to that. For our Lord and Heaven are coming! And no power on this earth can change that!

The Color of Jesus’ Skin- Does It Matter?

In the news recently, there has been quite a discussion as to the color of Jesus’ skin. How sad that so much energy is wasted on something that does not matter.

In the Bible, it talks of clay pots. And how although the clay pots may age and deteriorate (Us). It’s what is In the pot that is truly the Treasure (The Holy Spirit). It is the same with the color of Jesus’ skin. It simply does not matter what color of skin Jesus had.

We love and follow Him because of who He was on the inside. We love and follow Him because He loved us so! And His greatest command is that we love God with our whole heart and soul, and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Notice Jesus did not say, love those with whom we agree, lol. He said love every one.

Jesus does not recognize any of the ways we divide ourselves. Whether it be economic, political or race, because Jesus loves us all-each and every one!