“I am Worthy-One Kind Thing

Heard a great sermon this week.  I liked it because the instructions were simple and some thing we can all do 😊.  Declare one thing and do one kind thing for someone else.  For declaring one thing, you could choose anything.  Jesus is my Savior, I am Worthy, are just a couple of the examples the Pastor gave us.  I decided to declare “I am Worthy”.  I already believe and “declare” that Jesus is my Savior, but so often I “feel” unworthy.  Instead of seeing the good I do, I tend to see what I haven’t done yet! You would think I would know better by now, LOL, but I don’t…

And the thought, “I am Worthy”.  It leads to so many good places.  For if I am Worthy to be loved by God Himself, am I not worthy of love both from myself and those around me.  Worthy to be loved by God!  What an awesome thought.  So often we focus, or at least I do, on how UN-worthy I am, but God says I am Worthy!  Because God loves me just as I am, and God loves you just as you are!  So for this week at least, I am going to rise everyday and remember that I am worthy simply because God loves me.

And as for the “one kind thing”, well that’s the easy part 😊

God Loves You; Pray Always!

I am always amazed at how much God loves us!  That He loves someone like me is truly a miracle!  Because no matter what we do, our Lord never gives up.  He is there for us always 😊

So if you ever worry about how to pray, don’t.  God is so happy to hear from us, it matters not what we say 😊

God is Faithful, even when we are not :)

God is Faithful, even when we are not 😊

Do you every hesitate to call upon the Lord for help because you feel bad about something you did (or didn’t do)?  Because let’s face it, Charles Spurgeon was right!  “The Holier a man becomes, the more he mourns over the unholiness which remains in him”.  But Jesus isn’t like us.  He is Faithful to us, and our needs, even when we fail Him.  

And just a reminder, whatever failure we mourn, Jesus has already forgiven and paid the price for!

So please, don’ hesitate to Pray ever!  Jesus wants to hear from us, Always!