More On The Fairness of The Unforgivable Sin…

We all like to focus on God’s Great Mercy and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s so comforting to think about God’s Great Love for all of us.  And to know, that when we fail.  He will be there to catch us, and to forgive us. And to Love us!

But God is also Just.  And His Justice is not necessarily something every one likes to focus on.  And yet, if God were not Just, would we follow Him?  What’s the point of striving to do all that the Bible teaches us, if it doesn’t matter?  Thank God, it does matter.  And that is one of the reasons for the Unforgivable Sin.  We have our whole lives to accept Christ, but at some point, there has to be a reckoning.  This is it.

God is indeed Merciful, but He is also Just.  And we thank Him for both 😊

Is It Fair To Have An Unforgivable Sin?

Some will say that it is unfair that our death can place us in a state of Unforgivable Sin.  But God is fair.  We each have our entire life in which to accept Jesus.  And that is the same for every human being that exists.  It doesn’t matter what country one comes from; what race one is; if one is rich or poor.  Every human being receives the same ability to choose.

Choose wisely😊

The Color of Jesus’ Skin- Does It Matter?

In the news recently, there has been quite a discussion as to the color of Jesus’ skin. How sad that so much energy is wasted on something that does not matter.

In the Bible, it talks of clay pots. And how although the clay pots may age and deteriorate (Us). It’s what is In the pot that is truly the Treasure (The Holy Spirit). It is the same with the color of Jesus’ skin. It simply does not matter what color of skin Jesus had.

We love and follow Him because of who He was on the inside. We love and follow Him because He loved us so! And His greatest command is that we love God with our whole heart and soul, and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Notice Jesus did not say, love those with whom we agree, lol. He said love every one.

Jesus does not recognize any of the ways we divide ourselves. Whether it be economic, political or race, because Jesus loves us all-each and every one!

This Is Not Your Home-Heaven IS!

As we look around and see the changes brought by both the virus and the riots, it’s hard for many of us not to become downcast.  But this is not our home.  Heaven IS 😊

Sometimes we need to take a break from all of the world’s strife.  And it’s okay to do so.  When Jesus said He would “give us rest”,  He meant it 😊.  So take a break, and take a moment to imagine your future-in Heaven for all Eternity with Jesus, our Father and the Holy Spirit.  You will make it!

Imagine Heaven, And Then Imagine Yourself There 😊

Heaven is such an amazing place, but difficult to describe.

But there is one thing I can promise you, Heaven is as Real as the earth on which we stand.  It’s not some cloud, or some misty place.  It’s the Garden of Eden.  There is life.  There is laughter, lots of it.  And there is pure joy, pure peace and pure love.   There are deep friendships that last forever.  There are rivers and hills.  There are flowers and fruit.  There are dogs!  There are things to do, adventures that will never tire you but only brings you happiness. You will never feel sick, or tired or lonely.  It is the Grand Adventure with all the fun that implies, but none of the fear, worry or hardship.

The closest I can come to describing it in this world’s terms is that it is like the joy of all of your firsts combined, with all of the joy but none of the fear.  The first time you rolled down a grassy hill, the first time you spun around in the falling snow, the first time you jumped in the pool.  The first time you rode a bike downhill with the wind in your face.  The first time someone you love smiled.  The first time you were hugged.  All of the joy, none of the fear.

How any one or any place can give perfect joy, perfect love and perfect peace at the same time is beyond me, but that is what Heaven is like. That’s what Jesus offers, forever!

I wish I had better words to describe Heaven for you.  City of Lights as been used.  And although it seems trite, it is true.  Filled with Rainbows, the “streets of gold” are created by God’s Light.  A golden sun light so beautiful we simply can’t imagine how beautiful it really is.  Rainbows, God’s Promises, fill the land.  Each more beautiful than the last.  Rivers with sun shining on them, so crystal clear that you can drink straight from the river.  Trees and meadows, mountains, flowers and fruit everywhere, just waiting for you.  Picnics and walks.  Running like the wind and never growing weary.   It’s simply amazing, just like God’s Grace.

Imagine a world where every wish is taken care of before you even wish for it.  A world where there is no pain, no hurt, no worry and no fatigue.  No medicine.  No rushing.  No struggle to just get up.  A body that works perfectly.

Only joy.  And peace.  Only beauty and love.  A  beauty so amazing that you could just spin around and around, and spin around some more, drinking it in forever.  And if you did only that, it would be enough!  But there is so much more!  Grand adventures, spending time with the people you love.   Meeting new friends.  Being fearless, not courageous in the face of fear as we are here on earth, but truly not having any fear.  Can you imagine?  This is Heaven.

And there is work in Heaven.   If you can call it that 😊.  For it is work that never tires you, never rushes you, and always contributes to something you really care about and enjoy.  Work that you want to do.  Work that you love.

And there are friendships in Heaven.  Real Ones.  The kind that fills you up until you are overflowing.  Friendships that never cause you pain or heartache.  Friendships that never end and give you only joy and strength.

Many people think that Heaven is just some mystical place, but is as real as the earth you are standing on right now. 

You will walk, you will run and you will see that people you love and those who love you!

You will never be cold or tired again.  You will fly like the wind, with the sun warming you all the way through.

And the best part, you will spend your days with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in the Presence of God forever!

So get ready for absolute joy!  Because that is what Heaven is 😊

Welcome Home 🙂