Trusting God

I feel so good at it sometimes, but I realized that while I am good at trusting God never to give me more than I can handle; I am not nearly as good at trusting God with those I love because I don’t want anyone I love to suffer.  I need to work on that 😊

Because if God will never give me more than I can handle, then He will never give those I love more than they can handle 😊

Race Relations: Christ’s Response

With Martin Luther King Day fast approaching, one can’t help but think of the many issues regarding race that plague our nation.  And they do plague our nation.  But I think there is an answer, and the answer lies in loving each other, and in having compassion-on all sides.  Both of which Christ calls on us to do.

There are so many in this community who have experienced first hand what it was like to have a mother who is very ill, or a child, and yet could not bring them to the best available hospital simply because of the color of their skin.  Can you imagine?  I can’t.  If my child was sick, and they have been, there is absolutely no question that we would bring them to the very best place we could to get them help.  I truly can’t imagine not being able to get my children, or my Mom, the best possible care simply because of the color of our skin.  How horrific!  How horrible!  I can’t even imagine!  So for this, and many other issues, as white people we owe our black brothers and sisters an apology.  Did we do it, no.  But no matter our innocence, someone should apologize.  It’s not nearly enough, but it is what we can offer.

There is another step to solving the issues of race relations.  It’s that some of our brothers and sisters who happen to be African-American need to learn compassion for us as well.  Many already have that, some don’t.  As a white person, I can assure you that I have challenges that I face every day!  I hope my African American brothers and sisters understand that just because I am white does not mean that I don’t suffer.  I do.    Christ called upon each of us to love one another.  He didn’t say, “love those who are like you”.  He said, “love each other”.  Jesus doesn’t see the color of our skin.  Nor does He see the many other ways we divide ourselves.  He doesn’t see political parties, or economic standing or neighborhoods. He just sees us, each one of us.  And He loves us, each and every one.  And so should we

Trust Jesus!

There’s a great song by Robin Mark, “When its all been said and done”. It says, “when its all been said and done. There is just one thing that matters… did I live my life for you?”

And that is true, and it’s all that will really matter.

These days, if one even turns on the news, the news is indeed bleak. It would seem as if evil is winning every battle. But the truth is that Christ already won the “war”.

We are all, each and every one of us going to Heaven. And no force on this earth or elsewhere can take that from us. Right now, we are on earth. And it would seem that we are a citizen of whichever country that we happen to live in. But we are first and foremost citizens of Heaven. We may live in this world, but we are not “of this world”.

So please, despite the news, do not be discouraged. Jesus is coming back, I promise 😊

Merry Christmas!

Follow God’s Road Map!

I often get asked questions such as why many think gay marriage is wrong? Or why we are required to cherish all life? Or why we should defend Israel? For me, the answer is in my faith in Our Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. For I believe that real faith means that we will spend our lives submitting our will-to God’s Will. And we know what God’s Will is, for God left us directions in the Holy Bible. We will never be able to do God’s Will perfectly, that’s why Our Father sent His Son Jesus Christ. But it is important we try, and that we keep the goals clear by reading the Bible every day. For faith is not based on how we feel on any given day, but on who we choose to follow every single day 🙂

Thank You Jesus!

“If you choose gratitude, will your world be different? Oh, the hissing we hear. Don’t you want more? More horsepower. More gigabytes. More legroom. More testosterone. The white whale of want swims in our waters. But God has given Ahab a harpoon: gratitude.”-Max Lucado calendar

Thank You Jesus!

Thank you Jesus!

Thought you might enjoy this :). 

A friend of mine, Robyn put up a Thank You Jesus sign going to the bridge a while ago.  Her neighbor across the street put one up too which means that everyone (think thousands) who drives over the bridge to sees it :).  There is power in the name of Jesus! What an inspiration 🙂

There are also Thank You Jesus signs in many other places.  The Thank You Jesus sign movement  was started by  And can be purchased on this website for $8 🙂

As Max Lucado says, “More than a hundred times, either by imperative or example, the Bible commands us to be thankful.  If quantity implies gravity, God takes thanksgiving seriously.” Thank Him Today 😊

You Are Forgiven & Free

There is truly nothing we can do that Jesus can not forgive. Just ask Him. As for God, He doesn’t even see our wrongs, because Jesus already paid the price for them.  And as for the Holy Spirit, He is here to be our Comforter and Friend, there is nothing He will not forgive either.

So if there is a wrong-doing of some type or something holding you back from our Lord, don’t let it.  Jesus loves us just as we are.  We don’t have to wait until we are “good enough” or until we “figure it all out”.  Just call on His Name-Jesus.  And He will come, because He loves you.  He’s got you.  Let Him.  And if you have to start over every single day, then do so.  For each day is new.  And it’s yours.

Jesus is worthy of your Trust.  I promise.

You Are Forgiven and Free Forever!

How to get to Heaven?

Just ask Jesus to take you there.

Our Father loves you.  Jesus gave His life for you and rose again so you could spend forever in Heaven, and so those you love could too.  You don’t have to “figure it all out”.  You don’t have to reconcile your whole life.  Just ask Jesus to be your Savior and He will.  And He will take you to Heaven because He loves you so much.

As for faith.  I think way too many people confuse faith with how they feel on any given day.  But Faith is really about who we choose to follow every single day.   And it is that choice that makes all the difference 😊

Meet you at the Gate 🙂