Being Honest With Our Children And Those We Love!

It’s hard to be honest with those we love, especially when it comes to the issue of sexuality. But if we are not, who will be?

Recently, Wilmington chose to “support” transgenderism in it’s schools for children as young as 11 and 12 (sixth grade). The “hidden message” that our children will be given-“Transgenderism is an acceptable choice”. What happened to allowing kids to be kids for a while? But even worse, some of our public schools are taking steps to not only indoctrinate our children, but to turn them away from the faith we are teaching them at home!

Luke 17:1-2, Jesus said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks will come, but woe to the one through whom they come! It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck”

Clearly it is not just those who sin who will have a problem, but those who encourage sin. And especially those who encourage children to sin.

If we love God and love others, we need to be honest with them. Sin may seem an old-fashioned word. To some, the Bible itself may seem old-fashioned. But the Bible is still True! It always has been and it always will be.

Gay Marriage IS and WILL Always Be A Sin!

LGBTQ seems to rule the world these days.  And not just in America, but over much of the civilized world.  Why?

A change in our culture?  Have we as a society become that self-centered? Doing what we want, when we want, all the time? Have we allowed ourselves to drift that far away from God and God’s Teachings?

Even the Pope has said that gay marriage is a sin and can NOT be Blessed by the church, because it is a sin against God!  Many Evangelical leaders have said gay marriage is a sin against God.  And, sadly, some churches have split over the issue and have rejected God’s Word in favor or filling their pews and purses.

Let there be no doubt, the Bible says gay marriage is a sin.  And it is.

So how should Christians react?  Personally, I think this question needs to be answered on two levels. 

The first is on the level regarding the person who is gay.  First, God loves them and so should we!  Second, I am a sinner in need of mercy too, so I am in no place to condemn another.  And last, no one knows the true heart of another except God.  Only God can judge an individual person.

On another level, there are the changes occurring in our country. And many of them are not good.  Gay marriage is one such change, and it has changed our nation’s culture completely! It’s hard to turn on the TV without allowing the gay  lifestyle into our homes; it fills the airwaves and the news. It changes our children and our children’s lives! There seems to be no escape from it!

But there is good news! There are things that we can do to protect our children. We can pull them out of public school and either send them to private schools or homeschool them! We need to protect our children from those who would try to brainwash them into believing the Bible is not True. The Bible IS True, and we need to protect our children’s faith and their future at all costs.

And we need to let them be children! It’s a very difficult world that we live in and it is going to get more difficult. We need to protect the right of our children to have their childhood! They deserve it 🙂

And there is more Good News :). For anyone living an un-Godly Lifestyle of any kind, God’s Grace and Help is sufficient for us to change it to a Godly Lifestyle. If we ask God for His Help, He will give it. Because God Loves Us-All of Us 🙂

Taking Back The Rainbow!

The Rainbow belongs to God, He made it. It’s a Reminder that God always keeps His Promises!

Recently it has been used to promote sinful behavior. And that is incredibly sad!

God did not create people to be homosexual. He created them as men and women. Homosexual, lesbian and transgender behavior is a choice that human beings make. But it is not one that God made! As always, some human beings will make un-Godly choices. And while that is incredibly sad, it’s not new.

What is new is trying to use something beautiful that God created to promote something He forbids. And somehow, I find that even sadder. Not to mention offensive. And although I realize that this is yet another unpopular statement in the culture in which we currently live, The Bible does not change with the culture. God’s Word is the same as it has always been.

And the Rainbow belongs to God! And only to God!

Should Women Be Drafted Into The Military?

Recently, there was a piece of news, barely covered as usual.  A case asking the Supreme Court to start drafting girls into the military went to the Supreme Court.  Thank God (literally) that they refused to hear it.  But the issue itself is not over, and Biden says he is working on it. 

It was shocking, and very saddening, to see that so many supported this idea.  For God made men and women different!  I realize that’s not a very popular statement to say today, but He did.  And we need to trust that God did so for a good reason!

Popular culture says men and women are equal, and they are.  But they are not the same!  There is a reason that women have babies and men do not.  Just as there is a reason that men go to war, and women support them at home (as they did in WWII).  Redefining roles that God has already defined is a mistake!  And a big one!

God made each of us, men and women.  He loves us equally, but God did not make us the same.  We need to Trust Him! And we need to keep praying that God’s Will be done 🙂

Hope, Faith & Love :)

Hope: “Our Hope, indeed our Help, comes from the Lord” 🙂

Faith: “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” 🙂

Love: Our Lord’s Greatest Commandment. “You shall love your Lord God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind. The second, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

With all of these things, as with God, all things are possible 🙂

What If The Future Is One In Which Many Become To Scared To Say God’s Name?

What, if in the future, people become to scared to say God’s Name?

Consider what current times are like. Are there those who are too afraid to Pray In Jesus’ Name out loud? Are there those who are afraid of “offending someone” or getting “cancelled”. What about getting fired from your job or going to Facebook Jail? Are some afraid to share Biblical Truths and God’s Word, less it offend someone? Lest we be accused of evangelizing?

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Believe what you do believe or else you will never persuade anybody else to believe it.”. And he was right! If we are to scared to share God and God’s Word, what does that say about our own faith? For if we truly believe, scared or not, we Will put our trust in God. 🙂

In view of what our current times are like, is it really impossible to conceive of a future where it will be scarey to even mention our Lord’s Name?

So what should we do?

We keep praying out loud in Jesus’ Name and try not to allow our world to go that far down evil’s path. For “woe” to those who follow it.

If there comes a time where Christians are truly persecuted (right now we are just seeing peer pressure in America), than we still need to find a way to Pray together.

During the time of the Roman Persecution of Christians, many Christians used a Fish as a symbol of where Christians could meet together to pray. We need to find a way to pray together too.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them”-Matthew 18:20

Be the Light 🙂

If You Can?

“If you can?” asked Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.” -Mark 9:23

From Max Lucado’s Calendar

When God Says “No” !

Sometimes we don’t get our way. We pray and we pray. It’s for a “worthy cause”, or so we think :). It seems like it “should” happen. But accepting God’s Will is just easier when it goes “our way”, lol. Thank God that God understands that we are only human (espcially since He made us 🙂

As we try to process God’s “no”, sometimes we can feel our hearts tighten or even harden.

And that is when we need to keep praying. And we also need to remind ourselves that God doesn’t know just all of OUR tomorrows; He knows all of EVERYONE’S tomorrows. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that daily, lol. Reminding ourselves of that may not soften our hearts immediately, but it will help 🙂

There is something else that can help us too. We need to tell our Father God how we Honestly feel. It’s okay to tell Him we are struggling; He wants us to tell Him! And He will help us through our struggles if we let Him 🙂

Whatever we do, we need to keep praying-no matter how we feel.

The best advice I ever got about Faith, I got from my Dad.

“Faith is not about how we feel on any given day; it’s about who we choose to follow every single day!” Amen 🙂

The “Narrow” Path :)

Following Jesus is a Path, and a “Narrow” one at that.  It’s important to remember that while many of us may be on the Path, we may be in different Places on it.  And that’s okay as long as we keep Following Jesus.

Our lives have many seasons.  And I myself would hate to be judged by my worst day.  And let’s face it, we all have them 😊.  So just because we meet someone on their worst day-today, does not mean they won’t be our Best Brother or Sister in Christ tomorrow 😊.

Ultimately, we want every single person to reach Heaven and they can only do that through Jesus Christ. 

How can we best help each other reach Heaven?  By encouraging each other to keep Following Jesus and Loving and Forgiving  each other every day. And having the courage to be Honest with one another and Sharing God’s Word. 🙂

The Choices Will Get Harder: We Need To Trust God With The Outcome!

There is no doubt that in the times in which we live, the choices we face will get harder. Do we tell others the truth? Do we tell them that they must accept Jesus as their Savior if they wish to go to Heaven? Do we share with others the Truths found in God’s Word? Do we share with others that the Bible is the only real source of God’s Word and Plan for our Lives?

It can be difficult, especially these days. And fear also plays a role. Sometimes for ourselves, but also sometimes for others. We fear God’s Truths may make others run away. “Too much too soon” , has often been said by those who care.

But True Compassion also knows that Jesus may arrive tomorrow. What then? What happens to the person that we failed to be honest with? God’s Word says, “But if you do warn the wicked person to turn from their ways and they do not do so, they will die for their sin, though you yourself will be saved.”

Notice it says, that “if we warn the wicked…we will be saved”. So as Christians, we do have a responsibility to do so.

But here is the comforting part, the effort may belong to us and is our gift to God, but the outcome itself belongs to God :). We can share the Truth with others, but whether they choose to hear it or follow it is not up to us and is not our responsibility.

We need to Trust God to do the “heavy lifting”; we just need to find the courage to share God’s Truth with love.