The Blessing-Global Choir

What a wonderful reminder that people all over the world love Jesus. Sometime when we turn on the news, it appears that those who believe in Jesus are only a few. But nothing could be further from the truth!

For Christ lives in each of us!

More on Heaven

The below are excerpts from the book, “Imagine Heaven”, available on  I’ve only read half of it so far, but the first half has had so many wonderful descriptions of Heaven that I wanted to share them!  The first half is from interviews of people who have died and come back.  It’s interesting that what many saw agrees with the Bible 😊

One excerpt says,  (the guy was in a fiery car accident):

“he left the scene of the accident to find he was in a different place.  This was a place of joy.  It was familiar.  It was home.  I felt real, but I was not injured.  I was not a floating orb.  I was myself….Jesus ratiated an amazing love that contained deep acceptance.  I felt neither condemnation nor shame.  At first I hardly dared look at Jesus, but after a time, I felt my body being lifted up.  Then I was standing before Him.  And he smiled at me, relief poured over my soul.  Welcome home, he said in a voice sweet and gentle, yet also powerful, like the sound of many waters.  He opened His arms to me”

There is another section about Enhanced Vision:

“Leonard had a heart attack.  He described his vision as he watched the frantic efforts to resuscitate him.  First, I had degree vision, I could see EVERYWHERE at the same time!  Secondly, I could zoom on a particular point.  Also, I travelled at the speed of thought, I just needed to think about a place or somebody and I was instantly there!”

Heaven’s Light Show:

Colton Burpo’s Heaven is for Real book (the four-year-old that went to Heaven):

“It doesn’t get dark”

“Who told you it doesn’t get dark?”(dad)

“God and Jesus light up heaven.  It never gets dark.  It’s always bright”

The Book of Revelations tells us,, “The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb (Jesus) is its lamp.  The nations will walk by its light”…(21:23-24 and 22:5) 

“Most all who see Heaven’s beauty mention this new light, which far exceeds anything we can comprehend.  Our sun is but a dim, very limited spectrum of the colors of light visible in Heaven.  And combined with a new expanded sense of sight, the Light brings everything alive in a whole new dimension.”

Dean Braxton recalls, “the most gorgeous sky ever seen here on earth cannot even come close to the atmosphere in Heaven”

“At age five, Margaret was misdiagnosed with scarlet fever.  In reality, her appendix had ruptured and the infection took her to the edge of death.  One night says Margaret,”

“This marvelous feeling of peace came over me.  I was basking in that because it was so beautiful, when suddenly I became aware that someone was holding my right hand.  I looked up and my eyes were traveling over a white gown.  I came to the head of this beautiful woman.”

“She walked along with me holding my hand…I became aware of a fragrance in the air that was becoming stronger and stronger.  It was of flowers, and they just seemed to permeate my whole body.  And when I took notice of what was around me besides her, I realized that the path was banked with flowers way over our heads.  These flowers were close together the way a Colonial bouquet would be, and they were massive.  I was just so overwhelmed by this fragrance that I said to her, are these flowers real?”

“She smiled and looked down at me and said, “yes they are”.

Another excerpt says,

“I was fast approaching a magnificent city, golden and gleaming … a myriad of resplendent colors.  The light I saw was the purest I had ever seen…”

“I was overwhelmed by its beauty.  It was breathtaking.  And a strong sense of belonging filled my heart, I never wanted to leave.  Somehow I knew I was made for this place and this place was made for me.  The entire city was bathed in light…”

There’s much, much more, you can purchase the book on  😊

Meet you at the Gate 😊

Welcome Home :)

This is is not our home.  Heaven IS 😊

Sometimes we need to take a break from all of the world’s strife.   When Jesus said He would “give us rest”,  He meant it 😊.  So take a break, and take a moment to imagine your future-in Heaven for all Eternity with Jesus, our Father and the Holy Spirit.  You will make it!

Imagine Heaven, And Then Imagine Yourself There 😊

Heaven is such an amazing place, but difficult to describe.

But there is one thing I can promise you, Heaven is as Real as the earth on which we stand.  It’s not some cloud, or some misty place.  It’s the Garden of Eden.  There is life.  There is laughter, lots of it.  And there is pure joy, pure peace and pure love.   There are deep friendships that last forever.  There are rivers and hills.  There are flowers and fruit.  There are dogs!  There are things to do, adventures that will never tire you but only brings you happiness. You will never feel sick, or tired or lonely.  It is the Grand Adventure with all the fun that implies, but none of the fear, worry or hardship.

The closest I can come to describing it in this world’s terms is that it is like the joy of all of your firsts combined, with all of the joy but none of the fear.  The first time you rolled down a grassy hill, the first time you spun around in the falling snow, the first time you jumped in the pool.  The first time you rode a bike downhill with the wind in your face.  The first time someone you love smiled.  The first time you were hugged.  All of the joy, none of the fear.

How any one or any place can give perfect joy, perfect love and perfect peace at the same time is beyond me, but that is what Heaven is like. That’s what Jesus offers, forever!

I wish I had better words to describe Heaven for you.  City of Lights as been used.  And although it seems trite, it is true.  Filled with Rainbows, the “streets of gold” are created by God’s Light.  A golden sun light so beautiful we simply can’t imagine how beautiful it really is.  Rainbows, God’s Promises, fill the land.  Each more beautiful than the last.  Rivers with sun shining on them, so crystal clear that you can drink straight from the river.  Trees and meadows, mountains, flowers and fruit everywhere, just waiting for you.  Picnics and walks.  Running like the wind and never growing weary.   It’s simply amazing, just like God’s Grace.

Imagine a world where every wish is taken care of before you even wish for it.  A world where there is no pain, no hurt, no worry and no fatigue.  No medicine.  No rushing.  No struggle to just get up.  A body that works perfectly.

Only joy.  And peace.  Only beauty and love.  A  beauty so amazing that you could just spin around and around, and spin around some more, drinking it in forever.  And if you did only that, it would be enough!  But there is so much more!  Grand adventures, spending time with the people you love.   Meeting new friends.  Being fearless, not courageous in the face of fear as we are here on earth, but truly not having any fear.  Can you imagine?  This is Heaven.

And there is work in Heaven.   If you can call it that 😊.  For it is work that never tires you, never rushes you, and always contributes to something you really care about and enjoy.  Work that you want to do.  Work that you love.

And there are friendships in Heaven.  Real Ones.  The kind that fills you up until you are overflowing.  Friendships that never cause you pain or heartache.  Friendships that never end and give you only joy and strength.

Many people think that Heaven is just some mystical place, but is as real as the earth you are standing on right now. 

You will walk, you will run and you will see that people you love and those who love you!

You will never be cold or tired again.  You will fly like the wind, with the sun warming you all the way through.

And the best part, you will spend your days with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in the Presence of God forever!

So get ready for absolute joy and absolute peace!  Because that is what Heaven is 😊

Welcome Home 🙂