July 4, 2024: Our Nation Today!

Our country was formed on July 4, 1776. A Gift from our Creator given well over 200 years ago. A Christian nation, our nation embraced no particular denomination, but make no mistake – it was a Christian nation.

Along the way, we embraced Judeo-Christian values because many of the values embraced by Americans at that time were from the Old and New Testament.

As a nation, we grew and grew, but we always worshipped one God. Because there is ONLY one God. We survived the many challenges we faced as a nation by Trusting and Following our Lord.

Sadly, we are no longer that nation. God has been banned from the public square and many schools. Many schools have forgotten just how precious children are in the site of God and seem to indoctrinate our nation’s children against much of what God has taught them. And many have lost their faith and still more Americans have forgotten the importance of prayer and instead embraced apostasy.

God will not continue to Bless a nation that has so completely rejected Him.

Follow Jesus & Keep Praying, Because Prayer Changes Things.