Have We Forgotten Who Truly Helped Us On September 11th?

I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my husband.  We were still waiting to hear if my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins were safe in New York.  We knew that some of them worked in the Twin Towers and many lived in New York.  Both of my parents were from New York.  Gradually, through the next few days we heard that they were safe.

I remember taking my son out of school and bringing him home so I knew he was at home.  My daughter was already with me.

I remember watching the news with my husband and wondering if we had enough bottled water and food stored away for our children.  We heard the military helicopters and planes overhead. (We lived in a suburb of Cleveland). We watched a lot of TV following September 11th!

And most of all, I remember praying.  All the time.  It really was the best and worst of times for this country.  It was the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil, but it was also a time when the entire nation seemed to turn back to God.  Christians songs played on the radio on every station.  People throughout the country were praying, and not afraid to share that.

And we all knew, without a doubt that Jesus gave every single person in those Twin Towers a chance to go to Heaven.

We were united completely, as One Nation Under God.  And we were not afraid to say so!

Fast forward around 20 years and our country has turned so far away from God, it’s hard to even bear witness!  Are there people who truly love the Lord Jesus, absolutely!  Thankfully, many have remembered that Faith and Family always come first!

But there is a large, growing number who have turned away from our Lord or they claim to Follow Jesus, but do not!

Will our nation turned back to our Lord?  I don’t think so. At least, not as a nation. Like Franklin Graham, I believe those days are in the past. 

And sadly one has only to look at those who have been elected in Washington to see what our nation has become.

Once upon a time, our nation was so greatly Blessed by God, but our nation has rejected God.  Where once we returned God’s Love and put serving God first in our lives, that is no longer the case.

We were a nation based on Faith, Family & Freedom, but we are not now. There are still Americans who put Faith, Family & Freedom first, but our nation does not.

So what should we as Christians do?  Pray for one another.  Pray for the lost as well. And pray for those you love. Before it is too late!

There are those among the American people who can still be Saved.  If they have turned away from our Lord Jesus, pray that they turn back-in time. Pray for their Salvation!

In Jesus’ Name,

Prepare, Pray & Be Ready!