Reading God’s Word (The Bible)

Reading God’s Word (The Bible)

Have you ever noticed how you can read the same verse in the Bible one year, and then 20 years later get something completely different out of the same verse.  Both True!  I think that is God’s way of giving us the information we need-at that particular moment.  Because He loves us.

Many people have asked, “How do you understand what the Bible says?”  The answer is simple really.  It’s prayer.  I ask God, in Jesus’ name, to send the Holy Spirit to help me read it and learn whatever God wants me to learn.  This is the best way. Let no man interpret God’s Word for you, ask God to interpret it.

And just so you know, if it doesn’t make sense that moment, it will at some time in your life!

Heaven: Part Two :)

Heaven Part Two

I wish I had the words to describe Heaven for you.  City of Lights has often been used, and yet it seems so trite.  You know that the streets of gold that the Bible talks about isn’t a street of jewels.  It’s streets filled with a golden sunlight, a golden light so beautiful, we simply just can’t imagine  how beautiful it really is.  And rainbows, beautiful, vivid rainbows, for God’s Promises fill the land.  Each more beautiful than the next.  Rivers with the sun shining on them, so crystal clear, that you can drink straight from the river.  Trees and meadows, mountains and flowers, fruit everywhere, just waiting for you.  Shining seas.  Picnics, and walks.  Running like the wind and never growing tired.

It’s simply amazing!  Just like God’s Grace and Love for us.

Imagine a world where every wish is taken care of.  There is no pain, no worry and no fear.  No fatigue, no medicine, no rushing, no illness, no struggle. Only Joy and Peace.  And beauty.  A beauty so amazing that you could just spin and spin around and spin around some more, drinking it in forever.  And if you only did that, it would be enough.  But there is so much more to see and do!  Grand adventures, spending time with those you love.  Being fearless, not courageous in the face of fear, but truly not having any fear!  It’s hard to even imagine, but this is Heaven.  I have seen it and God has told me.  🙂

And there is work in Heaven, if you can call it that.  For it is work that never tires you, never rushes you, and always contributes to something that you really care about and enjoy.  Work that you want to do.

And there are friendships in Heaven.  Real ones.  The kind that fills you up until you are overflowing.  And they will never cause you pain or heartache.  Only Joy.  And strength.

Many people think that Heaven is just some mystical place up in the clouds.  But it’s not.  It’s as Real as the ground upon which you stand.

You will walk, you will run, you will have fun.  And you will see the people you love and those who love you.

You will never be cold or tired again.  You will fly like the wind, with the sun warming you all the way through.

Get ready for absolute and complete Joy, for that is what Heaven is.

Accepting Jesus

Accepting Jesus

People often confuse faith with emotion.  Faith is a choice.  Faith has never been about how we “feel” on any single day, but about who we choose to follow every day!  We don’t have to “feel” that Jesus is there in order to accept Him.  We just have to choose to follow Him.  There’s a difference and it’s an important one.


Heaven Part One

Heaven is so amazing and wonderful.  And yet so hard to describe.  But there is one thing I can promise you. Heaven is as real as the earth on which we stand.  It’s a real place.  And just on the other side 😊.  It’s not on some cloud or some misty place.  It’s the Garden of Eden.  There is life, there is laughter and there is love and joy and peace.  There are deep friendships that last forever.  There are rivers and hills.  There are flowers and fruit.  There are puppies!    There are things to do and no one ever feels sick or tired.  It is the grand adventure with all of the fun that implies, but none of the fear or hardship.

The closest I can come to describing it in this world’s terms is like all of your firsts combined, with all of the joy and none of the fear.  The first time you rolled down a grassy hill, the first time you spun around in the falling snow, the first time you jumped in the pool.  The first time you rode a bike down a hill with the wind in your face, the first time you slid down the slide.  The first time your husband held you and the first time your child smiled.  All of the joy, none of the fear 😊

How anyone or any place can give all of that love, joy and peace at the same time is beyond me, but that is what Heaven is like.  That is what Jesus offers.  Forever.