No One Makes Beauty From A Storm Like our Lord

Both literally and figuratively ?

Ever see a sky after a storm when the sun comes out?  It is so beautiful.  And so new.  I could stare up at it for hours.  God makes the sky after a storm so incredibly beautiful; it’s truly a gift.

And the same can be said of our lives.  We all go through storms.  Life has plenty of them, and sometimes they can be overwhelming.  But once through the storm, our lives become a beautiful thing once again.

But it’s funny, while we remember to pray during the storm, we sometimes forget to pray when the storm is over.  And yet that is sometimes the most important time to pray of all!  Because it is when times are peaceful and easy, that we can forget exactly where that “peace” comes from.

Trusting God

Trusting God is a process.  Learning that we need not fear, is a process.  One thing that helps quite a bit is a prayer journal.  When we are faced with a situation that frightens us, one of the most helpful things we can do is picture Jesus right beside us and pray.  And while we are praying, look through our prayer journals and remember.  And remember all the times that Jesus answered our prayers-Yes


Prayer Changes Things ?

Blah Days

You know some days we just seem to feel “blah”.  You know those days, we’re not happy and we’re not depressed.  We are just there, and just kind of tired.  Life doesn’t look like it will be getting any easier any time soon.  We are just not “feeling” God or anything else!

What should we do?  Pray.  And keep praying.  Talk with God, and keep talking (although don’t forget to listen to 🙂

Because it is when we feel like praying the least, that we need to pray the most!




There has been a lot of talk about the growth of racism in the media lately.  But I can’t help but think that the media has actually caused most of it.  And I can’t help but wonder if what is really growing is not racism, but fear.

And the most important question is not “Why”, but “How”.  How do we change it?

Personally, I think we change it one heart at a time.  We need to meet under the Cross.  For Christ knows no colors and neither does Heaven.  For  regardless of color, political beliefs or any of the many other ways by which we divide ourselves, Jesus Loves Us All, Each and Everyone!   God always has and God always will!

And if we can’t actually meet, than let us pray for one another.  For as my Pastor says, “Prayer Changes Things” 🙂

Being Friends With God

One day I needed to bring some food to church.  All night it stormed.  The biggest thunderstorms I’ve ever heard!  Now anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate to drive in bad weather!  So all through the night (it was thundering to loud to sleep!), I worried.  I I just kept saying to myself that I would trust God to clear a way for me to bring that food!  And I asked Him for help ?.

And you know what?   Although it thundered and poured up until I left, it turned to a drizzle the minute I walked out the door and stopped raining completely only a few minutes later.

A coincidence?  A miracle?

I choose a miracle, and that my friends is what is like to be a friend of God.  For God will clear the path and open the door for all you do in His Service ?

Respect God’s Power, Accepts His Son and Remember His Love

Looking around, I am reminded that God created this world.  The clouds, the sun,  winds. seas  and mountains are but a few of His creations.  And yet so often, we forget just how powerful our God is!  And how much He loves us, and what that means.

You have a very, very powerful “friend” who loves you very, very much!  Do not fear 🙂




The Issue of Bullying

There has been a lot in the news lately about bullying.  Is it worse?  Or do we just have less faith and more bullying?  Having been sick for many years, I was bullied, and often, in school.  So on this issue, I share with you my friends from my own personal experience.  Being bullied, it’s not fun!  But you know, back in my day, the bullied had Hope through faith, and the bullying knew that there would be consequences if it went to far.  But back then, God was still allowed in school.

Perhaps if God we allowed back in school, we would see less of this, for with God there is always Hope and Justice.

One word I would share with the parents of those bullied is Pray.  Pray for your child and pray for the bully.  For as my Pastor says, Prayer changes things!

And turn off those electronics.  Every child needs a break!