A Sign Of The Times Or A Sign Of Christ’s Return?

“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”-Matthew 24:12

Don’t we see that in today’s society? The riots, the schools, the way we treat one another sometimes? We are destroying ourselves!

In the riots, many have hurt one another. Pushing older people down. Beating others up. Killing others! What kind of evil does it take to hurt another human being?

And our public schools! Our public schools are a mess. Teaching children to hate one another (think CRT). Teaching our children to hurt themselves (encouraging transgender operations and abortion in schools). Loving our children is not the same as being their buddy! What kind of evil hurts a child!

And what happened to the way we treat one another? We used to talk with people we disagree with in a kind and encouraging way. And yet, there is not much of that these days! We used to reach out to others and lend a helping hand, what happened to that? When we married, we used to be faithful to one another. And how many don’t even bother to marry in today’s society? Do unto others… used to be our way of life. It can be again, if we choose it.

And that is the thing, isn’t it? If we choose it? We can choose to love on another or we can choose to let love “wax cold”. If we want to love God and love one another, Jesus will be glad to help, just ask Him 🙂