Being A Member Of God’s Family

Being a member of God’s family is such a Gift :).

It’s hard to describe just how wonderful that Gift is. To never be alone, to always have someone that we can turn to for help, to have someone in our life that always loves us and always forgives us; it just does not get better than that!

I think of God’s love and I am in awe of it. It’s like a huge hug that never ends :). Can we truly say that we have that complete confidence in any one on earth-that they will love us no matter what we do. For God’s love is truly unconditional.

The other thing that I love about being a member of God’s family is that I don’t have to know the “right” answer when I pray. God knows what will help a person more than I do, it is such a comfort and relief to pray “May God’s Will be done” and I end every prayer that way. I may think I know best, but God does know best.

I love knowing that there is nothing I can do that will lesson God’s love for me. No mistake, no sin, no failure, God loves me always! It’s not a love I have to “earn” or “hope to get”, because God loved me first! Before I even loved God, He loved me. And no matter what I do, God will still love me.

Without God, who would I turn to when life becomes difficult? Who would I ask for the strength to keep walking-no matter the challenge? Who would bring me to Heaven? And who would teach me to love? Only God can do all those things. And I have to admit, I feel so much safer, so much less afraid, knowing I have God to turn to.

There is my Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. There is Mary our Blessed Mother. All who love us so much and who are always ready and willing to help us 🙂 So Never give up! Just keep Praying 🙂

How can I even thank God for such a huge gift? By loving Him too! And by Following Him 🙂

Prepare, Pray & Be Ready!