“Cancel” God?

A friend sent this, had to share 🙂

“The word “cancel” is getting a new use. “Canceling” and “cancel culture” have to do with the removing of support or objects for people in response to their behavior or opinions not agreed upon. Appears the latest so-called “cancel culture” actions have gone too far.

Simply, if you do or represent something that others feel is a problem, you are silenced, perhaps in voice or action. Truly, the amount of pressure and opinion, that has been stirring to create this person or organization to either shut up, disappear, stop their actions, including boycotts, or be confronted with violence, is becoming greater. Seems just like when a swarm of bees attack, when they feel their home is threatened.

Evil’s home is the world with those whom do not fear God. Evil has been practicing the word “cancel” for a very long time. All evil needs is for God’s children not to practice and live their life to represent His Word. This includes not respecting or having love for our Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Should not this word be used, with for what it truly IS: “Cancel” God? 

Evil can only flourish if there is no resistance. Recently, I saw a sign outside of a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream store that said, “Resist. Join the Resistance.” Seems like this would be a good slogan against the “Cancel Culture” movement. Those whom fear God need to resist evil and what evil represents. God’s children whom believe in Christ’s Salvation for ALL, need to be like Christ, representing His Love and Peace. Does this mean to not stand up for what is right and God-given freedom?

NO! Quite the opposite. Jesus Christ stood up against those, whom were taking advantage of and creating hardships against good people. Jesus became their Representative and referred to their evil leaders as “rotten on the inside”. Seems like we are witnessing a lot of that in these times. Jesus did not hesitate in His Actions of Truth.

Please note that He also felt sorry for those doing evil, because He knew where their rejection of the Holy Spirit would take them. He even asked His Father to forgive them from their actions of taking Him to His Sacrifice on the cross. This IS True Love!

My thoughts and prayers are that you love one another, even your enemies and those whom do you wrong. That you are not silent for those attempting to “Cancel” God. That you stand up against evil and be like Christ. That you do ALL you can to share Him with others and increase His Father’s Kingdom. Do not forget His Promise that Jesus WILL return!! In Jesus’ Name. Thy Will be done. Amen. Peace.