God Holds On To Us :)

We all have our struggles.  Our times when life is difficult!  Through much of my life, I have prayed often that if I ever fail to hold onto God as I should, that He would hold on to me.

This morning when I went outside, I saw God holding on to me, with both Hands 😊. Prayer answered.  Thank  you Lord 😊

We can all pray this prayer and God WILL answer because He loves us. And it’s an important prayer.  We all have times where we have to fight to hold onto our faith.  Times when we struggle with something that has happened in our lives, a crisis of faith some might say.  It may last a few moments or for a while. But one thing I can promise you, if you pray this prayer in Jesus’ Name, God WILL hold onto you, because He really does love you and He understands!

Don’t give up, hold on and know that God loves you and will hold on to! 🙂