God Loves All People :)

So often we hear the question asked, “What happens to people who do not believe in Jesus?”

So let me be clear, the only way to Heaven is through the acceptance of Jesus Christ and Following Him.  That’s the only safe way, it’s the only way written about in the Bible.

Do we, as human beings who love others, hope that God makes an acception for some.   Of course we do 😊.   Because we are just human beings.  But if we truly love that person, then we need to be honest with them and tell them the Truth of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.  Because Pastor Schaeffer is right, Jesus warned us about Hell because He loved us and didn’t want us to go there.  We need to do the same for those we love.

And Jesus told us how to get to Heaven, a place He prepared  for us, for the same reason.  He loves us.  And we know that is true, because no one would suffer so for someone they didn’t love 😊

A friend of mine asked me what happens to people in countries who are not Christian, such as the Middle East?  Jesus has appeared to many people in countries such as these, and will continue to do so until He comes again.  To assume that people in other countries have not had the opportunity to know and accept Jesus is a mistake.  We really don’t know what Christ does in other countries.

And this is also where Trust comes in.  We know that Jesus loves us All, no matter where we live.  Just as we know that God is Merciful and Just.  When it comes to others, we need to Trust that God will do what is right by All people, because we know that God Loves All People.

And we need to recognize that people make their choice-Heaven or Hell, during this life on earth.  And as much as we may wish to, we don’t get to make it for them, because it is a choice God gave them.

There are those who would attempt to discourage us from sharing the Great News Of Jesus Christ.  Don’t let them, for it IS Great News.  For Jesus has not only made a way to Heaven for us, He will help us in this life as well 😊