God’s Warning!

“For the nation and kingdom which will not serve you shall perish,
And those nations shall be utterly ruined.”-Isaiah 60:1

It’s only natural that we want to think to God’s Love and Mercy for us, rather than His Justice. After all, God’s Love and Mercy is Much more fun to think about! And what have we done to deserve love like this? How have we earned God’s Great Love? Nothing. God just loves us and He loved us first 🙂

But God is also Just. He has to be. We need a Merciful and Just God. Because otherwise evil would run wild and hurt all of those who truly follow Christ. Evil must be stopped! Which is one of the reasons God must also be Just.

God has, on numerous occasions, given America a choice. Mercy or Justice. But unfortunately, our nation, time and again in this century, has chosen Justice.

And so now here we sit, awaiting God’s Justice, and God’s Justice will come.

We need to Pray for Mercy, while we can. We especially need to Pray to God for His Great Mercy for each other. We need to pray that God will be merciful to all believers that exist in this country and beyond. For no matter what occurs, God loves us and will hear our Prayers 🙂