How Many Times?

A Friend sent me this, had to share 🙂

How Many Times?

“How many times has His Word spoken, regarding future of nation not bearing fruit,That the Kingdom of God will be taken away, given to another nation, their pursuit,For your Heavenly Father Loves His Children, will give His Blessings but if abused,Shall take them away, give to those whom Honor Him, prove in His Glory be used.

How many times will evil exploit, create chaos, destruction, but no one there listen,To warnings given to repent, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, turn from sin,Share His Word with His Children, be His Example, for All granted moments spent,Walk in His Ways, grow in True faith, trust Him for His Will in your life, for you sent.

How many times will take for eyes to open to His Truth, know His Peace and Love,His Holy Spirit stirring in hearts, Living in them, actively shine His Light from above,Show His Path for All, His Holy Compass, His Direction, His Word leaves no doubt,With All your heart, mind, soul, request His Full Blessings to share, with Joy shout.

How many times to get your attention, change your ways to His Ways, not hesitate,Wake up from worldly sleep, wash in the Blood of the Lamb, His Cleansing Create,For All your debt has already been paid, through death and Resurrection, The Son,Take up your cross, follow Jesus and He will lead you, to His Father, His Salvation.”