In The Sight Of God :)

A friend sent this, it was so good-just had to share 🙂

“Truly, just because one appears to be good, does not mean they are in the Sight of God. Only He knows what is in their heart. Jesus had this problem when He walked the earth. He revealed to His disciples those who were so-called beautiful on the outside but were rotten on the inside (i.e. the Pharisees). He warned His disciples to know them by their “fruit”. 

We should really ask our Heavenly Father to send His Holy Spirit to Help, Guide and reveal to us those that need God’s Word shared with them. There are those whom appear bad, but are reaching out for what is good. We should not judge who we think is good or bad or who we should approach. We should ALWAYS seek advise from the Only One who knows what is in their heart. That IS why Jesus is constantly waiting outside for them to open their heart’s door, repent and ask Him in.

Jesus had shared, with those following Him, that there would be more tax collectors, bad people, etc. in heaven because they were at the bottom of the pit and reached up to Him to change their life.