Should We Live As Early Christians?

There has been much debate on “when” Daniel 12 occurs, so be assured – it’s in the future.  Between Daniel and Revelations, it’s clear that those days will not be easy ones, especially for those who follow Christ.  But there will be a few things we can do to make them a bit easier:

 We will need to pray like we breathe!  All the time 😊

We will need to truly Trust God 😊

And we will need to remember just how powerful God is and that He Loves us.  After all, God created the world in which we live:  the sun, the moon and stars, the seas, the mountains and us. He can definitely take care of us! 😊

We will need to actively work on focusing on God, all the time.

We will need to love God and love one another and not allow our hearts to grow cold no matter how harshly we are treated. 😊.

And we will need to live as the early Christians did-supporting one another 😊

So how did the early Christians live?  Together.  They helped one another.  They worked together to feed everyone.  They often combined their finances to care for each other.  Sometimes they lived in hiding, but they always reached out to others when Jesus led them too.  They were focused on one thing-Jesus.

It was a frightening time, but they did not hesitate to serve our Lord.  The cost for some was their life, but they gave it joyfully.  It was a time when hate could have easily taken over, but they did not let it!  Instead, they continued to Love their Lord and their neighbor.  Early Christians took care of each other both spiritually and practically.

So why wait?  We can start today 😊