Suffering . . .

No one likes to suffer, but sometimes, if we let it, it can bring us closer to God 🙂

Sometimes we suffer terribly. Whether it is war, disease, or the loss of a loved one, or something else, suffering is a part of life on earth. The question isn’t, will we have suffering. Jesus warned us we would (“In this world you will have trouble”-John 16:33). The real question is how do we handle it?

Some choose to turn to God with all that they suffer. They lay their suffering at His feet and even offer it up as penance for others (in general). They ask God for help so that they can continue to love God and love others. And no matter their “troubles”, they hold onto their faith-realizing it is a Gift from God 🙂

Sadly, some sink into their suffering. Thinking God should have healed them; they choose to turn away from God. But God never said that life on earth would be easy. In fact Jesus warned us that in “this life we would have troubles”.

Notice the word “choice”. It’s our choice as to how we choose to handle our suffering. We can choose to grow closer to God or turn away from Him.

Choosing wisely can help us bear our suffering well 🙂