The Agony

With Easter but a few days away, one can’t help but think of all that Jesus suffered.  And how God and Mary suffered too!

Truly, we can’t imagine the strength of Will it must have taken for Jesus to lay his arm down on the Cross and let them hammer the nail into His hand.  And we think of how He could have easily lifted His hand up!  Jesus could have so easily just said No to the Cross, but He didn’t because that is how much He loves us.

And we think of Mary, and how much she loved her Son.  And yet she stood at His Cross.  Although watching him suffer must have torn her heart to pieces, she found the strength to stand there and offer Jesus what comfort she could.

And we think of how God, our Father, must have suffered so.  He loved Jesus and watching His beloved Son suffer must have been so difficult.  But God loved us and was determined to make a way for us.

And the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Friend, must have hurt for Jesus too! The Holy Spirit has feelings and He loved Jesus. Watching Him suffer must have been very difficult.

The Angels, the Apostles, the people who followed Him, those He healed, the people that listened to Him, those that had the privilege of meeting Him – so many Loved Jesus.

Beloved by all those in Heaven and many on earth, they all suffered great pain the day Jesus hung on that Cross.

Jesus died and rose again so that we might go to Heaven too, because He loved us.  But it was not without cost.  His sacrifice was not without great pain and suffering for both Him and all those who Loved Him.  It was the greatest gift we will ever receive – and more than we deserve.

Thank you seems not nearly enough, but it’s what we have.

Thank You Jesus and Thank You to all of those who suffered so.  We are indeed Blessed to be so Loved 😊