The Rosary

Someone once asked me, “Why do I pray the Rosary?”. There are a lot of reasons that I pray the Rosary, but a very important reason is that Mary, Our Blessed Mother, always brings us closer to Her Son Jesus. She points the way to Jesus and prays for us as we go.

I find praying the Rosary also gives me a lot of Peace. I worry less :). The Lord is with Mary; and He loves Her. She is His Mother. And the Rosary, all Rosaries, begin with the Cross 🙂

Much of the Rosary is actually in the Bible. It begins with the Our Father, the prayer our Lord Jesus Christ taught us. (Matthew 6:9-13)

Much of the Hail Mary is also in the Bible: Diocese of Brooklyn and the University of Dayton are just two sources you can read more about this on line.

When I think back to when Mary was on earth, caring for Jesus, loving Him as only a Mother can, I stand in awe. To be charged with raising the Son of God! Wow! To stand at His Cross, hurting with Him and for Him, but Trusting God. The Love and Trust that Mary had in God, Her willingness to obey God no matter what the cost, are simply amazing 🙂

I know that God would have picked the most loving Mother for His Son possible, and the most obedient! And to think She loves us! We are indeed Blessed 🙂

Prepare, Pray & Be Ready!