To Be Loved By God-Is There Anything Better?

Thank You!

Most of us, if we are honest, will admit that being loved by a person of great power is comforting.  We feel safe.  But here on earth, love is often conditional.  And earthly love doesn’t always last forever!  And although this powerful earthly person may appear to have great power or great riches, he or she could also lose that power or lose those riches…

Being loved by God is to be loved by a person who truly loves us and will never, ever stop loving us.  His love is unconditional!  He created the world in which we live.  The earth and the stars, the sun and the rain, the mountains and seas, not to mention us!  There is no one anywhere who can compare to our Father. 

And we can trust God!  He loves us and wants only the best for us.  In this world, Jesus told us that in this world, “we would have troubles.  But in Heaven, there will be no troubles!

His Great Love for us is why our Father was willing to watch His only Son suffer, die and rise and ascend to Heaven.  It wasn’t that watching His only Son suffer so didn’t cause our Lord great pain; it’s that He loved us that much!

Our Father’s Love is a Love we can Trust.  A Love we can be Grateful for.  And a Love that will never leave us 😊

If you are still in doubt, watch the “Father’s Love Letter”

Prepare, Pray and Be Read