Where We Get Our Information Matters…

Thank You

“even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”-Daniel 12:4

We know that in the last days, “knowledge” will be “increased”. Just as we know that “knowledge” is “increased” now! But are we using it wisely?

Ripped from the headlines are stories about cloning and making babies without God, new ways to commit abortion, new ways to do transgender operations, and new ways to make robots without souls…

Articles are written by many in the media that constantly divide God’s people, instead of bringing them together. We read postings on the internet constantly, but are they even true? And it’s not just the stories we read, but the stories that are eliminated. For example, what happened to the daily stories on the Ukraine war? It’s not like it’s over…

And does all this information bring us closer to God or drive us further away?

We are constantly encouraged by our government, and many in the media, to focus our lives on our own selfish desires instead of serving God! And serving each other!

Scientific research is good, if it is used to help mankind. The internet can be a great thing, it what we read helps us to love one another and if what we read is actually true.

Until it is, it is good for us to contribute what we can, but we need to get our own information from God’s Truth-The Bible.