Be The Light Of Christ!

We live in incredibly dark times! And they will get even darker. And many of us are thinking, what should we do?

Pray. Be the Light of Christ. People will be scared. And they may suffer. But through Christ, we can ease their burdens.

A small kindness can do much. A warm smile can lighten a heart. We can share our hope, by sharing God’s Word. We can genuinely listen to others. We can ask them to share their story. For everyone has one! And we can truly love them as Jesus loves us 🙂

And we can persevere! We can keep walking with Jesus, no matter how difficult the times we live in become.

And we can remember that Jesus will always walk with us. Jesus will always answer our prayers. And Jesus will never, ever stop loving us.

And remember, God’s Mercies are new every day!

Follow Jesus & Keep Praying, Because Prayer Changes Things. Be The Light – The Light Of Christ!