The Book Of Leviticus: What Does It Really Tell Us?

It tells us how much God loves us!

God gives instructions on which foods the Jewish people should eat, for God knows which foods will be good for them. God gives instructions on how to deal with illnesses, down to dry scalp and a scab! And God even tells them how to treat a bird that is sick.

And God even tells them how to avoid spreading germs, whether it is by cleaning a sick person’s bed or cleaning themselves after they touch a sick person. Remember, they didn’t have antibiotics back then like we do. The only way to truly treat and prevent illnesses was by using God’s guidelines.

Thanks to Jesus’s Coming, our salvation is SO much easier, not to mention so much more possible. For despite the best efforts of the Jewish people, they were just unable to follow all of God’s guidelines, or unwilling. And so Jesus came to rescue us! He died and rose again and went to Heaven, just so we could! And in doing all of that, Jesus also created a Bridge between God and us so that we could have a relationship with God right now! Thanks to Jesus, our salvation is so much simpler now!

There really is NO excuse not to Accept Jesus as our Savior and Follow Him, for Jesus loves us so and did the suffering for us!

God has Loved us, Loves us now, and will always Love us.

Do Not Fear!

Follow Jesus & Keep Praying, Because Prayer Changes Things. Be The Light – The Light Of Christ!