God Our Father Loves Us :)

It’s difficult to find any words that can adequately describe our Father’s Love for us, although this video does a pretty good job of it 🙂

How do we describe our biggest cheerleader?  How do we describe a Father who always catches us when we fall.  And not just sometimes, but All the time.  A Father who makes us brave, and loves us even when we are not. A Father who loved us enough to sacrifice His own Son so that we might be Saved. (John 3:16)

Our Father’s Mercy and Grace are endless.  “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him”-Romans 8:28.  And notice, this verse does not say that our Father, in all things, works for the good of those who are perfect;  our Father, “works all things to our good”, just because we love Him.

I can’t help but think sometimes of just how much our Father must have suffered when Jesus was on the Cross.  His pain as He watched His Son suffer so!  And while I am sure our Father must have been so very proud of his Son, He must have hurt for Him as well.

I couldn’t do it.  When one of my children has the smallest hurt, it hurts me.  When one of my children is seriously sick, I am frantic.  No matter how much I love others, I would not be able to sacrifice one of my children in that way, but our Father did. 

And that alone should tell us just how much our Father loves us.  How much our Father wants us to be able to go to Heaven with Him.  And no matter what we do, our Father never gives up on us.

And we need to not give up either.  So no matter where we are, we need to tell our Father how much we love Him and repent of any sin that may separate us from our Father, for forgiveness is available to all through Jesus Christ, as is His Love 😊