“Love Moved First”

There is a song out, “Love Moved First” by Casting Crowns. Someone asked me once, why I loved Jesus so much.

The answer is simple, He loved me first-and always.

Through my good times and my bad times. On days when I was filled with joy, Jesus was filled with joy for me. On days when I was filled with fear, He walked through my fears with me. And during times when I was filled with pain, He held my hand. And with my times of weakness, Jesus was endlessly patient with me, for which I am so very grateful.

Jesus never let go. He never moved. He is always with me. And as much as I am grateful for the love and support from those on earth who love me, Jesus’ love is different. It is special. And unlike human love, which can at times be limited by our own human nature,- Jesus’ love never fails.

Jesus is the Son of God and His love is always there and it is always complete. He knows every fault and every weakness, and He loves us anyway 🙂

And Jesus loves every single person that way; and that is a love worth everything and it is all that matters 🙂