Good Friday: The Bible Collection: Jesus

This is one of my very favorite movies about Jesus. It shows Jesus filled with so much Joy, Joy that He freely shares :). It’s available on You Tube for those who want to watch 🙂

I can’t help but be amazed after watching His crucifixtion and the pain that He suffered-that He still loves us! I could barely watch it and had to cover my eyes sometimes, but Jesus lived it-and still Loves us. That is a real miracle.

And Mary! I could not watch my Son suffer so and still love the people who crucified Him. I pray in wonder at the depths of what she suffered as she watched Him, and that she loves us still.

And last, but not least -our Father God. There is no amount of Thank You’s that can thank Him enough. No amount of kneeling and praise that can honor His great sacrifice enough. God’s Heart must have been filled to overflowing on that day as He watched His Son suffer so. With wrenching pain, He put saving us first. With pride He watched His Son’s willigness to suffer so much in order that His Father’s Will be accompished. And with Love as He watched His Son who loved so much!

As a human being, if my son sacrified so much for others, I would be angry with those who refused to accept his great gift, bought at such a great price.

But God loves us anyway. And so does Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And so does Mary. A Gift we can never repay; a future in Heaven that lasts forever… Thank you does not seem nearly enough, but Thank You!