Holy Saturday: A Day For Meditation. A Day For Jesus :)

What were Mary and the Apostles doing? Mary Magdalene? All those who loved Jesus? I have to imagine that they were shell shocked, exhausted and hurting. Their Savior, Mary’s Son, was horrifically crucified! And although Jesus promised to Rise on the Third Day, Easter, I imagine that some had their fears and doubts. We know that Thomas did! What now, some must have asked?

We all have fears and doubts sometimes. We are, after all, human. And since God made us, He understands. And remember that Jesus forgave Thomas and Peter, just as He forgives us 🙂

When those fears and doubts occur, it’s important to keep praying! But sometimes, we can’t find the words. And that is when “rote” prayers can really help. An Our Father, a Hail Mary, the Apostles Creed. Sometimes, when we can’t find the words, “Help Jesus, Thank You” is definitely enough 🙂

It doesn’t matter what words we use to pray. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, Jesus knows what we intend. And He hears our prayers, no matter how long or short.

It can be a long life. But whatever we do, we need to keep praying. Let it be said that we pray like other people breathe. And all will be well 🙂