Inflation: How To Handle The Difficult Days Ahead :)

Thank You!

“What if Jesus was asking His followers to value things differently?  Not just things, such as our possessions, but our children, our egos, our health, our bodies, looks and abilities, our reputations, our intellects, memories and accomplishments?  Matthew’s Gospel today tells us that true followers of Jesus have radically different orientation to our earthly, embodied experience.  That which we think of as our is not ours, but gifts for use in the span of a lifetime.” -Author Unknown

With inflation growing by leaps and bounds (“Groceries up 12%, Gas up 60%, Electricity up 14%, Rent up 5.8%…”), it’s important that we remember the above message.  We will all  need to share with those in need, no matter how much or little we have.  God’s Gifts are a Trust.  A Trust that we will use the Gifts He has so kindly given to us – as He would.

And so that always needs to be our first question when deciding how to allocate God’s resources, “What would Jesus do?”

Difficult days are ahead, we need to Pray and Prepare now.  Be Ready.