Anger At God Really Comes From Fear!

There are many who are angry at God right now. They question why He doesn’t “fix” things. Make the Covid-19 virus go away. Make the riots stop. Right the country. But God gave us free will. We, ourselves, get to choose our own path. And right now, some are making very poor choices.

It’s okay for us to feel anger at the situation. But we need to keep talking to God about it. Tell Him how we feel! Believe me, He understands! And when we feel those angry feelings rising up, we need to recognize them for what they are-feelings. And as my Dad used to say, feelings lie. We know the Truth-We just need to remember it-God uses all things, even the bad things, to the good of those who love Him.

Also, this isn’t Heaven! In Heaven, all will be perfect. There will be nothing to fear! And although this isn’t Heaven yet, one day we will be in Heaven together, and we need to hold onto that 🙂

And we also need to understand why we feel angry. The root of all anger is fear. There are some who are afraid that if bad things are happening, that means that God does not love them. Nothing could be further from the truth! God loves us!

In the Bible it warns that we “will have troubles”. Jesus warned us of this so that when the “troubles” came, we would would not fear and we would know that He still loves us. All of us!

Do not fear my friends, Jesus has it all in hand, even our “troubles” and He loves us all-each and every one.

Covid 19 & Dieing

There’s been a lot written lately about the sadness of people dieing alone from Covid 19.  And while it is incredibly hard not to be able to be with those we love when they pass, the truth is, as you know,  no one dies alone.  Because Jesus is with them :). 

We live in extraordinary times and in these extraordinary times, Jesus may indeed give those we love extraordinary comfort, because He loves us 🙂